Hate into Love

Mon, 04/07/2014 - 15:48 -- lilzhou

They isolate him for his skin color,
an indication that he does not belong.
They mock her for the way she smells,
a part of her culture so easily dispelled. 
They laugh at his accent and the shape of her eyes,
and it's all the same, it's all just hate.

They spit in his face and call him a fag,
They eye her dress and declare her a slut.
They snicker at the size of her belly -- oh, how obese,
They see her ambition and call her a bitch.
But what if these declarations of hate,
Instead were turned into declarations of love?

So many poems push problems into light,
So many poems expel the hurt that is inside.
So many poems expose the unjust,
So many poems have the power to heal.
This poem that I write is here to do the same,
To remind us again of the potential of change. 

Imagine a world in which hate turns into love,
To love someone regardless of who he loves.
To accept someone no matter what she believes,
To respect someone regardless of what she wears.
This is change -- change for the better,
This is the world when you turn hate into love. 



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