What would you change?

If you could make a difference with a single wish

Would you ask for peers not to think you so strange

To not have to wash another single dish?

How about to be thinner

So you could wear that cute little dress

Well now, there's a winner

But it's too much work just to impress

Think a little deeper

Perhaps look outside of the person you call you

And stop the one who can only be known as a reaper

Who sucks the life from those with dreams as they come into view

What about the ones with so little food

That their eyes have lost their shine

While so many others' bellies protrude

As they disregard the newspaper headlines

What would you change

If you could make a difference with a single wish

Would you make yourself better in exchange

Or would you help those in anguish?





This is a poem for the What Would You Change Scholarship Slam. It is all about how small imperfections are regarded so heavily as a major issue, when there are people out there who aren't sure whether today will be the day they starve or are in the wrong place at the wrong time in a war zone.

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