Like A Boomerang

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 16:13 -- Qara19


Oh if I could change it. 
Believe me, if I could i would 
but is it me or is it them 
I don't know so how then can I 
My heels click against the pavement. 
I am grown I am strong I am proud I am a woman. 
But not to them for oh how they see me.
Yelling Whooping Whistling Calling
Get in my trunk 
My heels sink slowly through the cement 
deeper deeper shame shame 
Burying my head my hands why is my coat not bigger i should have bought a bigger coat with a hood to swallow me. Suffocate. 
but Why didn't I yell and reverse the shame
I wouldn't have felt the pain and they wouldn't have felt the gain
I'd go back and attract attention flip the situation like a boomerang but I can't so I'm gonna fight for 
Power power where is the power how do I find it, I know I should know me 
But I guess it's just buried too deep
But when I find it cowering in the corner it will be my sling 
And I will play the harp. 
And this fractured facade that masks frightful human nature 
will shatter against the facts 
and society will face the nauseating acts 
that make half a species considered 
When the change crashes in with the tide 
Adam will awaken and his eyes will see he can own anything he wants but he can never own 
For I am not a lion behind the glass
Lion maybe
But not because it's what you made me 
And when change rises with the morning sun 
I will walk run dance prance down the street 
Singing the song in my heart 
knowing proud that I am a woman 
Because when the change comes rolling in with the clouds 
That won't be a reason mothers worry 
Or heels are left in the corner of a musty closet.
It will be a reason to rejoice
'Til then my days are spent searching digging coaxing that power to 
Reveal itself 
Hide no more.


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