What I Would Change

Take it all away and what do you have?

Honesty? Openness? Vulnerability?

The makeup is a mask you hide behind

It dilutes your beauty; it doesn’t enhance it

Don’t you see?

You are so much than makeup

And who’s to say you aren’t beautiful

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

Don’t you see?

Give me your eyes and I’ll change what you see

Give me your ears and I’ll make you believe

You are more than they say and more than you know

Give me your heart, I’ll show your beauty


Let me take away masks and diversions

Let me change it to honest evaluations

Noone has the right to tell you you’re not beautiful

Noone is big enough to tell you you’re small

Can I take it all away?

The hardness of heart and brutality?

Can I change the media’s perception of beauty

Can I show you that you’re beautiful too?


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