Harmonic Utopia


If I could change one thing... 

I would make the world sing.

Speaking note by note, phrase by phrase:

Joined by a single language;

All working together in the formation of an ideal acoustical image. 


If I could create a clean slate...

This damaging society would be free of hate.

These tacit codes - rewritten,

Each soul - free of ridicule,

And no person could be thought a fool.


If I could remove unrealistic fallacy...

We could be exactly who we wanted to be; 

And not fear what others think.

We would never be in the wrong;

And released from the bindings that prevent our own song.


If I could throw away all regrets...

My future would no longer be littered with potential threats.

My mind would be clear. 

I could forget the past

And my happiness would forever last.


If I can change these things...

This will be a better place for all human beings. 

Individualism will be celebrated.

One or two pieces may clash horribly;

But as a whole, every little part joins together in perfect harmony. 


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