The Definition of "Love"

Thu, 03/13/2014 - 13:33 -- oliviah

He doesn't have too many friends

Then again, it's a small school

None of us have too many friends

But he doesn't have too many friends

And he's walking down the hall

And someone yells out

"Hey! Look!

"Here comes the faggot!"

It's just a word, right?

Only a word

No, it's not a word

It's a dagger

No, it's a sword

A sharpened blade

And you can see the hurt in his eyes

I can't hold it back anymore

I can't keep listening to that word

Hearing the way it spills off of their tongues

Stinging like venom

I stand up and shout back

"Watch your mouth!"

He's taken aback

The one with poison for words

And he tells me to shut up

And I can't stop myself

My voice tumbles out

My lungs pour out my rage

My eyes see only red

And my fists shake at my side

And I tell him how disgusting he is

I shout at him how wrong he is

And he shrugs me off

A witness applauds me for my bravery

For putting the child in his place

And I realize then

In that moment

That the definition of "love" is wrong

It isn't just for a man and a woman

It's for everyone

Everyone that can see the beauty in others

Without condemning them for being human


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