The Foster Care System (I'm new at this sorry it's not in prose)

Jane Smith disappeared at the age three when her only family died in a car crash.There was no natin wide call for action to find her,nor candlelight vigil to keep the memory of her alive, because there was no one left to miss her, no one left to love her, no one left to search for her.She became a statistic, a case number in a computer, a file in a cabinet that was rarely opened. She was seen every day but never noticed in this society that just passed her along and forgot about her. She survived though. She survived in a life where she earned people money but was never provided for. She was taken advantage of, she was considered a job, and the only love got was enhanced by a paycheck. Day by day she walked arounded surrounded by people but utterly alone. She was looked down upon because her clothes were tattered and worn. She had cuts on her wrists from a sad, stressful, lonely, hurtful life. She got bounced around from bad house to bad school to bad house in a cycle that never ended. In her search for acceptance, in her search for love, and in her blind attempt to feel anything but numb, she gave into that boy that gave her attention but treated her like scum. She knew no better and thought it was love. He temporarily relieved her pain through sex, alcohol, and drugs. Teachers passed her just to get rid of her thinking that with her life she wasn't going anywhere; her peers stuck up their noses and thought she wasn't worth it; and guys, well they saw her pretty smile and thought they could make her go that extra mile. You see her every day but you don't stop to say hey because you dont care about her story. You judge her. She's a druggie, she's bad news, she's trash. These comments run through your head but you assume she had a choice, that she choose this road but no, she was taken from her home and all she had ever known, by a man named Sam and to this life she was damned. She was lost in the system but today she is finally missing because I'm here to miss her, I'm here to cry for her return, and I'm here to love her and I hope that a few more people miss her today too.




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