Be Happy

Happiness. Has it been so long you have been gone? Did you ever exist? Were you only a myth? I cannot remember the last time I felt you; The bright, shining smile, the warmth in my chest. Is it all gone and will never return? Has my bright sunny day turned ashen by burn? Will I ever again feel the warmth of your touch? No. The sadness, depression, The hurt blurs to gray. This mythical happiness has faded away. I am stuck, I am lost, and to never be found. I’m a crumpled up heap lying still on the ground. I cannot face my friends, for I am so ashamed That all of my happiness has all gone away. I will get you back. If it’s the last thing I do. From now, my love, I will always have you. Be happy. I will smile and push them away; Those sad, hurtful thoughts that turn life to gray. I will laugh, I will love, and though hurt I may be, I will remain happy, just watch me, you’ll see. That one simple thing I would change; now you know, From depression to happiness my life will now go.


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