The Innocent Colors


What is it about the world to have the colors of the rainbow?

Where you could see a blue sky, white clouds, and a yellow sun.

What is it, in this world,  to make it shine so bright to make a glow in your eyes?


Yet, when gray clouds loom, you sit behind your window

Watching small specs of rain to wash away with the season

Craving for the warmth of the sun to shine and the return of the blue skies


Despise your wish, it shot you down with an arrow

Padding your red feverish face of emotion

You can't help but to let out white milky puff of sighs


Before you knew it, the window fogs over the yellow medow

As you make stick figures of yourself in a postion

With arms spread  out, as the sun rise


Wishing again for that day to show

But all you could do now is to glow with a tint of pink to show your happy one

Only to fall asleep in a deep slumber for the next sunrise


Till then, I will wish for your happiness of marrow

Wrapping you all around into my world of function

Seeing you the day of tomorrow of comprise



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