Blue Green World


I would paint the sky a different color for each day of the week.

I would paint the grass a different color every month. 

I wouldn't change the ocean--

everyone loves that blue green hue that we can all melt in.

But I would paint the sky purple, pink, teal.

I would paint it a truer blue than we have ever seen.

I would paint it salmon, and peach, and maybe even rainbow

so that everyone would have a reason to wake up the next day--

so everyone would want to come outside in the fresh air and look up at the new sky.

I would paint the grass every month a different color  

so that all of my friends, acquaintences, and all of the world would come out of their burrows.

So that they might all come out to sit, run, roll, and  play in the ocean of grass. 

So that we can all remisce about these past few years

while running our fingers through turquoise sprigs of life. 

And maybe one of those days, the world would match--

A blue green sky, grass, and ocean--

And the world would be one,

the eternal disagreement between the Sky, the Oceans, and the Earth would end.

And we could all unite, fading in to the vastness of the blue green world. 


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