If I could change one thing, I would change our selfishness.
We think we are the sun,
Existing as life's selfish ones.
We take all we can stand to hold, 
And pay others to guard the rest.
Cacophonous litmus tests.
Besting all of Nothing's bests.
We create our own universes, 
Lament over homemade curses,
Praise to have accomplished much,
Ignore all we have siphoned up.
We curse those things which cause us pain,
Yet never in our contemplation,
Observe greed and lacks of need,
To draw the valid correlations.
Eat up though lacking hunger pains- the soul,
He groans.
Drink up our fill, ill-gotten gain- the Earth,
She moans. 
I once posed question to the world, 
"Is it wrong to want Eden back?",
And facing all that world to see, 
The silence laughed right back at me.
I cannot change that thing,
Least not in its entirety,
But I've decided hope to bring, 
By facing all the worst- in me.
Will you change one thing?,
Your selfishness, I mean.
And if you've none there left to change,
Collect me all your footprints made...


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