Now- A- Days

Why am I called white?

Why can’t racial stereotypes disappear?

Leave without a trace?

Without a trace of


Thought where we go around talking about

each other

where people get their kicks


From other people off the street instead of

buying them at the local super market

where things cost

more than a



Store hooker who

will show anyone some love

just to feel the satisfaction

of being able to pay her way through



Graduates are not getting anywhere in

today’s society,

scraping for a job

like everyone else

in the work



Your way through the

bottom like Drake and

end up here? Where we go around still

condemning people

with stereotypes,



from God does’nt event

save us from today’s society.

No salvation from bread or



From a child, screams

of terror in the household

where he is punished for speaking




you where you step in the street,

there are traces of litter and

garbage from the



are who run our society

today. Let us be mindful

of all of these issues and make the world a better



to live in where no one goes hungry,

where no one is abused,

where no one is frightened,

where no one is stereotyped

where there is order

and no disrespect.


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