The People in Our Lives

Throughout our life, we meet all kinds of people.

Confident people.

Lonely people.

People who can laugh at their mistakes.

People who can learn from their mistakes.

Every day, we see a new person.

Sometimes it’s the new person on the sidewalk beside you.

Sometimes it’s the new person in the mirror looking back at you.

Whichever way you see it, each person changes us.

The confident people change us to reach for our goals.

The lonely people change us to see that not everyone is as happy as we.

The giggly people change us to realize that life doesn’t have to be so serious.

And the inquisitive people change us to remember the outcome.

Not everyone wants change, like me for example,

But we do need it.

Change can be simple, like a new haircut.

Change can be spectacular, like a new school.

We all may not want change, but we all must remember:

Change is not about what we want, but more so what we need,

And the people in our lives remind us of this each and every day.


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