What would I change


If I were to change the now
I would open the minds of those who don't know how.
To free the thoughts that are imprisoned
allowing all to make free decisions.
To not have false accusations pin us up on a wall of lies
where girls have to be thin, tall and a certain size
and where boys have to have muscles, a car and the bluest eyes
all of these stereotypes are lies lies and lies.
To live in a world where gossip is brutal
society's opinion is crucial
lies and hatred are the teachers and we are the pupil
is the vibe that we convey as a generation.
I want all to break through the thick chains of standards
to reach beyond the bar of expectations and limitations 
by being who you are meant to be,
your identity. 
I would change media and and everything that changes a person to become like a different person. We are born with dignity and identiy, but society picks one person as a model and expect everyone else to reach that standard. Living in the world that we are living in now is hard because we are expected to conform to society's view as "perfect" and if we don't we are considered outcasts.
It is very sad to know that bullying is still happening because someone is different. They are treated poorly because they aren't the same as everyone else. I think that being extraordinary is better than being ordinary. Would you rather swim in an ocean full of fish that you can't relate to or swim alone and be happy. You should determine your own happiness and not let anyone ruin your plans. Travel your road and plant seeds that way those who are like you can follow your path and have courage like you for walking alone.


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