Changing The Impression of Christians


Hypocritical, analytical, evangelically speaking of some God like they know what their talkin’ about.
What a joke, right?
Ask them what they’re about and they’ll give some BS answer about Jesus-praisin’, devil-slayin’, Bible-gazin’, fasting-for-days-and all sorts of other nonsensical garbage.
Yes, garbage. Preaching, teaching, screeching their ideas of what they call love but it looks more like hate –
Hate? Wait, but Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, not discriminate against your peers by lashing out at their minds and hearts causing tears like a cat of nine-tails with words that fiercely pierce like the nine-inch steel that purposely, painfully, penetrated the skin of the Prince of Peace.
They say they’ve been changed but I don’t buy it, they’re a riot, judging everyone around them daily like life is some sort of cynical court room and we refer to them as “your honor.”
Honor? Ha, I see nothing honorable about a human that considers himself more cosmically constructive than his “brothers” giving them the verdict of guilty and the stinging title of sinner.

Now pardon me for just a second, but I’d like to establish myself as one of these heretical hypocrites.
And forgive me for asking, but when did we say that we’re somehow superior to anyone?
When did we say that we’re perfect? My God deserves it because he’s worth it while I’m dirt it seems in your eyes.
Speaking of those beautiful, round viewing lenses of art that tear apart evolution’s theories with their complexity, how about you use them to take a look in the mirror and take the plank out of yours so you can accurately visualize and realize that you commit these same sins and fall short of the glory we owe to the doctor who gave us sanctifying surgery.
Don’t get me wrong, I can dish it and I can take it.
In my own eyes, I’m the farthest from being pure, I’m sure, I’m constantly at war with my heart as these emotions clash against each other in the endless struggle of wrong vs. right.
“But Connor you lead FCA” but I gotta say that most days I don’t even feel worthy to spit those three letters.
My heart instantly identifies individuals and immediately starts bringing them down like a 10k weight. The value I put on so many souls is like the dirty penny on the sidewalk that’s not even worth a glance. I’m like a lion, lying, ripping people’s faith in me apart with my deceit. My primitive pupils pervert what I see and I.M. my brain to just do it.
Checking out woman after woman like they’re groceries. Why can’t I get ahold of my lust, I must, I must! For God’s sake, you have a girlfriend, dammit!...
Oh great there I go again, no self-control again, sinning like it’s all I know. It only makes me wonder why the picture of perfection gave up His life and hung on a tree for me. We human beings are sinning machines.
“Everyone has turned away, all have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one” says the psalmist spewing out truth – it burns doesn’t it?
So yeah I’ve lusted, been proud and conceited, seemingly defeated whatever bit of holiness dwells in me, cheated...
But so have you.
We all have failed to be outright righteous. So in our imperfection, can we at least follow the example that our king gave on the cross, and show each other a little grace?
I love Jesus but hate my sin because the devil grins whenever I let him in. I’ve fallen short...
And you have too.
Perfection? Unreachable.
Sinning? Inevitable.
God? Incredible.
His mercy for the shortcomings of every non-perfect heartbeat on this earth?


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