Are We So Different?


Look into their hearts and you will feel.

Look into their eyes and you will see.

If you are willing you will find them

In the streets and on TV,

How often do we consider,

That WE could be that haven they shall need

Or simply just a fond memory.

But when we do, we plant a seed,

Something to nurture and to grow

A small but warm place deep inside

Where they can stay

When there is no where to hide.

I look at them and I know

The pain they've endured and fear that resides

Hovering there always on their minds.

They suffer alone, silently

Praying for some sort of repreave

A sanctity of blessed peace

A holy chapel in which they can lead

Perhaps a better life or dreams untold

A family that's long been gone

The creatures of our world,

We pass them by and never turn back.

Yet if we stop in them we will find

The purity of God's love

An innosence we no longer posess.

Are we truly that much better

Than those simple minded beasts?

Or are they the path to the otherside

A fleeting glimpse of what we seek

Give them a chance and you will find

They're not so different from you and me.





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