The Girl With No Voice

Why can she not speak?

Was she to blame?

The words whispered in her ear,

The hands that touched her,

The scars on her body and heart,

Was she to blame?


Silenced by a culture who has no pity,

A culture who says, "She asked for it",

A culture who says, "She has no proof".

The girl with no voice sinks back.

Who could she tell?

No one would listen.


When will the girl with no voice be heard?

When will those who take advantage of vulnerable women be blamed?

When will there be justice rather than shame?

When will there be no cover up but exposure?

When will parents believe their children,

The law take action,

And the man be shamed rather than aquitted?


The girl with no voice needs change,

Change in society's view of molestation and rape,

Change in the law to prosecute,

Change in the stigma that rape is a thing to be ashamed of,

Why should she be ashamed?

Why should the girl with no voice be refused to speak?

Was she to blame?


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