The Dark Side of the Game


How much I want for them to dissipate

The fire is crackling, simmered down

But sooner or later my breath of relief

Will be winded down.

Gunshots fly but are not found, the flames of the fire grow,

with every omnipresent sound.

Gang fights, drug bites, and kids may not

know the difference between wrong and right.

“Defend your people,” is their slogan,

They claim territory slow, yet, running.

It’s a cycle, walk three steps and fall back two.

Until there comes a point where one spot is left, choose:

Run or fight.                   

There is a dark side of the game,

With spouses and children exposed to the same.

Ears covered ‘cause there is no mistake, the odds

Are in no one’s favor…dark side of the game.

Even after the glory and winnings are shared,

Necessity will arrive. The throat-clenching addiction,

Set forward by malice, greed and tradition.

So will the fire ever die? Not tonight.

But even in the darkest of games,

There is still a little light.



Compelety blew me away, amazing poem, so deep and heart felt.

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