Health as a Human Right

I close my eyes & in my mind

I see a world where 

Health is not a commodity.


Here, no one dies unnecessarily,

From preventable

Or treatable



Pharmaceutical companies are in it for love

& not for money.

No baby dies before the age of five

& mothers are well cared for.

Doctors heed each patient's cries

& the sick are not left unattended.

Race, gender & equality have no determinant on a person's health

& disease threatens us equally.

Health as a human right is not something we aim for, but is experience acrossed the globe.


I open my eyes & what I see dismays me:


A poor man cannot afford his hospital bills

& doctors wait for you to come to them.

While you lay in your hut, dying

& your children are your only caretakers.

Your state makes cuts to health initiatives 

& the rich are the only ones who benefit,

The only ones who can afford to live

& chances are they're mostly men, 

With skin like milk-

We drink to your health,

But what about the rest?


If microbes know no difference, then should they not affect us equally?


We are all human. 

Because of that, 

My right to health,

The same as yours,

Should be well within our grasp. 







This poem touched my soul. But I still can't decide what is better: Levitra vs Staxyn?

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