Find Your Key



Show the world who you are.

It is known, it is said, it is taught.

Why then, why is it not practiced?

You teach it to your children, your students, your peers.

But why not to yourself, why not apply it to yourself?


Behind every surface, there is something more to be found.

Some keep it locked,

Some keep it hidden,

Some don’t even know it exists.

But I do.

I found mine, unlocked it, and let it be free.

Now you should learn to do it yourself.


When I look at you, I know I don’t see you.

I can see only what's in front of your locked door,

I don’t see you, I see your door.

But its time to open your door,

Yours, and everyone elses.


Can you see him, standing over there?

No, didn’t think so.

He blends right in doesn’t he?

He looks silent, rigid, and lonely.

If I only had the key to his door,

Then you’d be able to see him.

He himself could change the world.

But he is locked up behind his door,

If only he would find his key.


And her, can you look at her?

Well of course you can.

She demands attention,

She seems confident, devious, and alluring

But behind her door,

She has frailties kept hidden.

At night though,

They take over her, break her down until she feels empty.

If only she’d allow someone else that key,

Someone who could join her, comfort her, and strengthen her.

Then we would see the real her, the one she really loves,

Sweet, relaxed, and content at last.


If only it were simpler, to find the keys,

To unlock their doors and reveal who they really are.

To allow them to see who they are and be proud.

To unlock their doors that are their conventional façades.

Then they would be happy.

There would be no reason for the wars,

No reason for the battles over greed, over wanting more. 

People would be happy with what they had.

There would be no reason to put others down to rise themselves up,

Because all would already be at their greatest.


So this is why I have started with you.

Find your key, and unlock your door

Show your self, and let yourself be seen.


Because if you wont find it, then I will.

For, if I could have anything, It would be a key.

It would be a key to unlock all of the hidden doors,

And give all a chance to allow themselves to shine.

It would give me the power to change the world,

Your worlds,

My world,

Our world.


With that one key.


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