One World

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 16:56 -- reld10

I would change the stares, the whispers, the words

that exit an eye, a mouth without consequence

of how that exchange can change her life.


I would change the apathy, the indiffence, the exuses

made that allow the horrid texts, emails, nicknames

those words can ruin his life.


We are all humans. We are all on this earth together.

But we forget. We forget how smiles can brighten 

one's day; we forget how snarky comments can push

our comrades to the extreme. 


We forget. We forget the complexity of each others' lives.

We understand our own lives. We need to understand others'.

                    Divorces that shatter childhood---

                    Pictures that destroy lives---

                    Words that divide--

                    Deaths that reap havok---

I will change

                 the hate and anger and urmoil that run rampent in our world

I will create

                  laughter, smilies, hugs, kisses.

     Why hate? Why label ourselves?

                  We're unique and different. But we're all human. We're all one.




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