What I would change


I look around and all I see...

Is hatred, loss, and misery.

The world is on fire

And we cannot even admire,

The beauty behind the simplest rose...

We are busy battling our foes


And I am asked a most perplexing question.

One sure to change anyone's facial expression,

"In this world, what would you change?"

And you and I might think, "How strange..."

"Change?" What power do I have?

But you must BE the change on order to survive.


We cannot expect change to come from world leaders

If we start with ourselves, we are all winners.

Put a smile on an elederly man's face

And you will find your happy place

Only then can the world truly change

And then the world will become our stage


A stage filled with laughter and song from every child,

A stage where fun can play and stay awhile.

When we learn the value of a solitary smile,

We'll be champions, and run the world with style.

It's time to sit down and tell yourself...

"If I could change the world...I'd start...

With myself..."






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