All I see is vast, empty nothing, oblivion

Nothing can be changed, nothing

And it plagues me like an existential schism

But isnt nothing good?

To listlessly waste away

To not care about what we should or what we could

But to sleep for hours, only entertained by dreams of sweet doldrums

But no, I must fight against this nothing

To be an impactful force, to be something-no, Someone!

Yes, I refuse to become a slave to nothing

To not ignore the world or its inhabitants

And instead promote change, to defend those in need of care and loving

And yes, deep down

I still want to say, do, think-nothing

And sometimes, Nothing has me bound

But I will fight, till it no longer clings

So when they ask, "What did you do when there was nothing to do"?

Ill say, "I did something"




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