To Change Myself


United States
47° 36' 50.292" N, 117° 8' 46.7052" W

Everyday I see

the tradgedies around me,

But yet I never think to change

something that is within my own range. 

To provide love and happiness 

to those that only know fear and lonlieness, 

is only the beginning. 

Serving others is what it means to be winning. 

My whole life I have been so selfish,

While others have nothing to cherish. 

Giving back to my community 

Would be adding to our unity.

All it takes is one kind deed,

one seed, 

from me, 


are the future. 

Whether it is helping family, friends or nature,

We must give our service.

While this only touches the surface,

I would change, 


our society, 

and make this a priority.


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