The problem with racisim is

The problem with racisim is that even after the preputation of hatered from apathy has died down, and a new way of thinking is coming about litte by little, it seems to stay in the hearts and minds of those who suffered it to the point where perhaps it is unhealthy. Racisim is like being trapped in a room with the door bolted shut, its like a wound inflicted on the mind. But now racisim is ebbing away and yet still people are trapped in a dark room or wounded and not healing. There mind is trapped in one mindset, and they cant see the brighter future they can now work towards. The people who preprutated the racism are not going to tell you the doors unlocked or bandage your wounds, that you must do for yourself. But if you think racism is around every corner attacking you then how will you move on? If you think it' s the reason you didnt get into that school, or got the job,  or why this and that happened to you, then you are trapping yourself and your mind inside a dark room.  Now dont get me wrong racism still happens and we should continue to strive towards a better future and protest inequality, but I see to many people blaming racism for there problems when sometimes its not even there. It cant stay in your mind  to the point where you cant move on and hinder yourself. 


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I love this. You dont find many people who think this way anymore

and i appreicate that you do. 

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