A Change in Perspective is all We Need (Because)




I would change the way people think

But since that is no the case

I would not change a thing

Our world was perfect

And nevertheless nowadays it still is, but if

Criticized my opinion was,

To care I must not, if

It has always been like that


Little do they know that they are wrong.


Peace is not the solution

War might fix things

Governments have been proven to believe

They are little responsible for this,

While it is not true


The poor are really in need.


There is enough food for all,

It is completely false


Our world is getting busted up.


We all know

Global Warming is spurious, but

Many people consider


It is the destruction of all.


The truth is

Capitalism has brought wealth to some

Even though people believe


That does not work.


There are many things around the globe

Now people can see with their own eyes

What they should do is to turn things around


to understand where the truth lies.


To read this from bottom to top, you must

In order to fully comprehend my thesis

A change in perspective is what we need

In order to understand the change the world wishes


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