Lets All Make A Change


What would I change?




Somehow recreate a better version of myself in the hopes that it will create a change in society as well



What would I change?




Change his heart..


Make him see that he doesn’t need to achieve

Money, sex, and power to be

A man

And shedding a tear doesn’t make him less than one..



What would I change?




Change her mind


Make her understand that her uniqueness makes her beautiful

And her value doesn’t decrease based on that boy’s inability

to know her worth..



What would I change?




I would open your eyes and make you see

That the change in you is what we need

Let the truth inside you set you free

To make the world a better place for you

and me



What would I change?




Because all of us has the power to make a difference

If we all come together willing to change


Change the way we treat others..


Change the way we treat OURSELVES..



Then maybe..

Just maybe..



We can all achieve peace, love, and happiness

Even through the storm and rain

The world as we know it would never be the same

And when someone asks us “what would we change?”

We will have a hard time answering but the answer will

Be plain..














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