Things You Don't Know

I sit next to you every night and feel the tension.

You still can’t see why I want to be with him,

Why I love him so dearly,

How I could ever be with anyone like him,

And one day, I hope you will.

Even if I told you, you’d still never understand

The way he makes me feel when we’re driving

Down the busy highway singing along to the CDs,

Holding my hand, and glancing over at me

After making a joke with a gentle, kind smile.

You wouldn’t know about how on our first date

We didn’t leave his apartment complex because

We were talking and playing video games and

Eating his traditional dishes with his sister.

You wouldn’t know that it took him several dates

Before he got up the courage to kiss me

Or that he’s willing to watch silly girly things

And take me wherever I want or need to be

As long as it makes me happy.

You don’t know how all those fights that we

Used to have worked out the kinks in our relationship.

You don’t know that there’s a promise ring

That’s way too big sitting in a drawer.

You’ve never seen the way his eyes light up

The minute he sees me walk into a room.

You’ve never witnessed us cooking together,

Substituting every ingredient in a recipe

And adding in kisses along the way.

There are many things that should separate us,

But they don’t.

These are just a few of the many things

That testify to what you doubt:

He’s in love with me, and I’m enamored by him. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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