Change You and Me<3

Can we be go back change life

Can we forgive each other

Love each other

Can we make it Right

It won’t take much

I know you miss it

You say you hate me

But rather kiss me

Like this “Muahh”

Stop hiding from what can be

I know there’s a “we”

Don’t erase me

Just re-date me

What’s moving on?

When you can’t even walk a step

Just go ahead and accept it

We can’t separate

But if you won’t listen

Deny your own premonition

Turn away from the truth

I will leave you, I can walk away

I know I can do that

Quick in a heart beat

I can make decisions

I can accept defeat

But deep inside I want you next to me

Body to Body, Feet to Feet

I know it sounded corny

But I love you more that I love me

The basic end to this story

Is that if your gonna change something

Change you and me

To live in better harmony


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