I Would Change The World

If I could change the world ...

I would begin with changing myself

Knowing that deep inside the human race needs help

I will begin with destroying the color of my skin 

because I know that the only way to understand somebody is within

Although my people have been through enough

It is time we get ourselves out of the past in a rush

Unlock the chains that bond us with hatred

Forgive our neighbors because they have mistaken

They know not of what we sacrifice

All they know is that we continusosly fight

We fight to end police brutality, we fight to change statistics

We continuously fight to end racism and ignorance

I would change the closed minded people minds

For they can only see one part of the world that is only filled with corruption

I would change the way I greet people of my race

Mainly because I say "Hi", with no intentions of ever seeing them again

Whether its on the news, media, or on the streets 

there are people in this world with little to eat

Whether its knowledge, or the power of ones own mind, or eating food in general

If  I could change the world, I would change the way I think of life in general.




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