Stand Your Ground


Justice needs justice
Peace needs peace
The law needs equality
And guns we need the least
Innocence and guiltiness is in disguise of people and the color of their skin
How many more walks for justice do we need ?
How many memorials do we need ?
Innocent people in jail not living their life because now its hell
Innocent people in their grave because of a grease to their flesh with a bullet with no particular name
They say guns don't kill people people kill people but why would you want to kill a person when they have everything to live for just like you have everything to live for but you won't be living anymore!
Behind those bars how could you survive?
In jail or in the ground?!
It takes seconds to kill but years to heal!
The portion of the central nervous system that is enclosed within the cranium would never forget all the pain of the dear family member whose life was slain by another family's member who is also grieving pain!!
No person nor an inanimate object should ever be the judge of your future even with knowing your past!!!


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