What Would You Change Scholarship Slam

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 11:28 -- cabaez


Stay strong they say

Ignore them they say


I wake up and hear laughs

I walk and hear laughs

Fat, ugly, and worthless

those words spin around in my head like a tornado

The tornado suffocates me


don’t tell me that words don’t hurt worse than broken bones


Words are my enemies that made me debate life and death

someone made feel so worthless

that made me lifeless

zombies had more life than me

why are the bullies filled with glee

bullying sounds so childish to say

but i'm tired and I must pray

A hope for a better tomorrow is ahead


Stay strong they say

ignore them they say




This isnt right

being bullied isn't a way of life

i lost my childhood and grew up fast

being a child is suppose to be a blast

this needs to stop

Ignoring it doesn't work

I tried and the words consume you

you believe what they say but in fact we are more

we are the weirdos and misfits

we will rule the world to prover we are more than the words

words can ruin someone


Change needs to happen

how many more cuts and bruises shall happen

till the nation realizes this is wrong


Stay Strong they say

ignore them they say


I'm trying...I'm trying



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