If I could take a pen,

And make the world understand,

I would,

Paint a picture of peace,

Clarity among the people.

I would make them all read,

Open their minds and see,

The sun shining through a page,

Of endless possibility.


If I could use my words,

To express a scene of bliss,

Lying in a field with a story,

Finding a new world through language,

Under a blue sky,

On the earths surface.

One with our creator,

Yet so far away.


If I could show society,

What they’re missing,

By bustling about, on their phones,

Speakers in their ears,

I would give them a good book.

Let Virginia Woolf speak her mind,

And Mary Shelley express her curiosity,

Let the world think through the greatest minds in history,

Through words on a page,

Through the souls of the forgotten.


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