What would you change?
What would I change?
When not just one thing
Even more than just a few come to mind
What does that say?
In a world whirlwinding in such disarray
Clouds painted a forrest green
Environmental pollution of the land and people
Say we blame media and factories
But not only them
Blame unfit mother's and fathers
For everlasting effecting childhood tragedies
Guy walks past homeless old Bill
As he grabs the crotch of his Trus
Walks slow as to not scuff the foot of his Timberland shoes
World so stereotypical
Didn't we all imagine the guy as a young minority
Some guy who probably
Thinks he runs it all and doesn't believe in your authority?
Girl walks in the house and heads straight for the fridge
Mad about the fact that she's gotta have left overs again
Meanwhile the girl who sits behind her in Pre Cal
Is praying her family will have some food left over but they're starving again
Sad poems of broken hearted girls
Shattered hearts swung at by coldhearted teenage boys
But then again there's some hearts broken by daddys
Who did the job before some boy ever could
Daddy wants no involvement
So why not just use protection?
Plus the fact that he gave her mother AIDs
Tells he was only thinking with his erection
Living in a world so stereotypical
The people's ridiculous way of thinking
Couldn't even be changed through reversal
This world's cognition branded into minds so universal
What would you change?
What would I change?
Just way too much to be done so...
I'll just hit RESET.


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