One thing, 

I could change, 

I could be selfless and say poverty. 

The boy on the corner who looks hungry, 

Offer him a meal and feed his soul.

I could be cliche and say sadnesses toll. 

The girl whose heart aches, 

Give her my friendship and see her smile.


The boy loves,


The attitudes of others quickly sways him, 

He's sitting their changing his love notes from Adam and Steve to Adam and Eve.

Doesn't his future seen grim? 

He hears his mother grieve, 

for her sons is gay. 

What am I trying say? 

The the attitudes of people need to change,

Towards people like me who love the same.

People's minds need to rearrange.

Love isn't a game, 

So why is ours treated like one? 

Why can people choose to call man and woman love and man and man an abomination? 

For a man to say "I do" to a woman,

Doves, Angels, and God. 

For a man to say "I do" to a man, 

Bats, Demons, and the Devil. 

Love is love. 

I want to say to my future husband "I love you", 

Give him a kiss and watch the sunset. 

But today? 

People stare and whisper uner their breathes, 

Hold signs saying "GOD HATES FAGS",

And wield the bibly as an instrument of hate.

Is it too late?


People can change,

And they need to.

People's attitudes towards my orientation,

Must change.  



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