36,24,26 is perfect you say?

And what’s all this talk about you can’t be gay?

Society thinks they can change us,

when really they just add a bunch of fuss.

Changing the world would be quite a task,

but all I wanna do is ask.

Ask, why are we judging and yelling

when we should be loving and telling

each other how beautiful we are,

and that you can reach for the stars

no matter your sex, religion, or race.

Society puts the world at a disgrace.

The perfect woman, the perfect man;

What is perfect and how can

I get there? I question this all the time,

but who has time when you’re working to make a dime

because money is all that matters.

You can’t walk down the street without hearing that loud chatter

about your blonde hair and blue eyes,

but ew, gross, you have big thighs.

Who is society to tell me that?

If I love myself, where does that put you at?

If I had a world of my own,

society would be all alone.



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