A man looks down the sights of life and death

Gripping the decision to kill

Oblivious to the consequences of his soon-to-be actions

A moment of regret glistens as he pulls the trigger

Victims feel the hurt and regret the outcome

Families mourn for the death of a loved one

A man peers down the streets made by humanity

Realizing the faults of his past

Suffocating under the same steady breath that was used to kill a man

Strangled by the force of sress

Craving for the ability to rethink his life-changing decision


In another world

A man looks down the sight of life and death

Leaning on the door of mercy

With the knowledge of consequences based on murder

He steadies his aim to his own heart

And laid down his hell raising weapon

A man peers down the streets madeby humanity

Dazed with the positive reality of his actions

Confused with the tranquility of his decisions

As he smiled at the passing patriots

He observed that he had the ability to breathe out steadily without pain


This is the world I long for

The world where people portray acts of kindness and mercy

Th world where people are able to forgive and forget

The world that refer to peace for advice

I hope to change this world and halt the fighting

I hope to be the man that looks down the sight of life and death

And choose life

Because life is beautiful


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