Did you know?

Did You Know?

Did you know that there’s a war going on in your backyard?

No? Look a little closer.

What? You see more than that?

Perhaps children dying of hunger, starvation

And we are all on vacation.

Diseased and dying animals can be nurtured back to health

If you didnt spend all this wealth.

Did you know?

Hate can be calmed.

Wars can be halted.

Cruelty will end.

Are you even listening to what I’m saying?

Because your the one whos going to be praying

For what example are we setting for the children of tomorrow?

Living in a world built on mistrust, hate, and sorrow.

Did you know?

The politicians and leaders of the times

Are the ones who created the ultimate crimes.

Today is seems the dollar is worth more that God, Family, and Love

What can we be proud of.

Did you know?

God created us, one and same.

I say we all look beautiful, whats to blame?

Beauty, race, religion, and money

Look around whats so funny?

Lets change the world today,

So we wouldnt have to repay.

Did you know?

One day we might wake and see

A world that fits you and me.

Hopefully we can start a new

All we have to do is get through.

It might happen, when we stop looking at each other so cold

When we start doing what is right instead of what we’re told.

As fas as I can see,

And everything that is real to me,

Tell me anything is a possiblility.


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