What would i change in


What would i change in my life now?

Im not quite sure, so let me think

I cant believe i don't know how

I can't say this in a quick blink.


Ever since i traveled to Greece

I felt a sudden need to know

What i could do to find some peace

And try to find wisdom to grow


Some people say it can't be done

But i will be the living proof

I want to be the greatest one

and bring the world to a great bouffe


I want to change the world today

philosophy i won't let down

I believe i know the true way

Im not trying to be a clown


I want to ease off the great load

I want to ease the pain of life

The scars you have been bestowed

Destroy the cause of all the strife


World, give me a chance to prove it

I wont fail you or try to flee

I will change the world with great grit

it is said, it has to be me.

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