Being scared is no longer OKAY
Being weak is no longer OKAY
Holding ourselves back is no longer OKAY
Holding our hands is no longer OKAY

We are adults now
Teens of the age
Our fear holds us down
It locks us in a cage

Fear of success
Fear of doing our best
puts us behind but lessens our stress
it puts us in the safety of our nest

Brilliant birds we could be
if we spread our wings
Bold eagles we could be
If we step from our screens

We hide in fear
Our great ability houses our fright
We hide in fear of being recognized
out of our nest we shall be powerful medians of flight

By leaping from our nest we will realize our strength
we will be emancipated from our self induced prison
To fly our furthest length
We can't be afraid to leave our prison

Suppose we don't fly far
don't meet other birds along the way
Atleast we were gracious in our short lived flight
and we will be remembered as the most gracious bird in the park.



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