Box Burner


so we grew up in boxes

tall rigid 


that allow for nothing but conformity

designed from conception when 

sperm meets egg

our parents didn't know but every time they told us

that's for boys

or you can't do that because you're a girl

made us cringe and choke on our own potential 

but there are some of us who are box burners

those of us who

ignite our own potential to bend in a thousand directions

out of any box that burns to thin whispy ashes

fluttering on wind created by us rushing forward 

to grasp that which we strive to attain

ignoring the 

there's no way's

or the you can't's 

and enjoying the 

who knew's 

and the astonished gasps 

as we move forward dauntless

and unflinching in a world that 

wants to stuff us back in


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