Why Pay For Education?

If it were up to me,

college would be free.

If I could change on thing,

people wouldn't have to pay.

If education truly matters, why are we forced to spend so much money,

when people can barely even afford a jar of honey?

Why should we pay just to get an education?

Some of us can barely afford a drink from the gas station.

Why make people pay for something that should be free?

More people would go to college, don't you agree?

Perhaps if people from the "ghetto" could afford to go to school,

there would be more people who knew how to follow rules.

Maybe that kid from the small town with big dreams 

could finally get out of that town and discover what life means.

Education should be free, but that's just how i see it.

If no one else agrees, well then, so be it.


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