The Monster Is Human

You view her as pretty, nice, and sweet

But she is not what she appears to be

Behind the facade she is a monster

Who unwillingly destroys and never prospers

She tries to change but its just too hard

So everyday she tries her hardest to hide her sharp teeth and claws

Day after day she tricks you into believing she's like everyone else

But deep inside the monster is roaring and she silently screams for help

To get rid of her inner monster is all she ever wanted

But it is useless for by her dark past she is haunted

Oh the anger, rage, pain, and dispair

If only it could be released and evaporate in the air

She wants to stop all the mood swings

That make her do and say such terrible things

One day she will lose the claws, and teeth

And be the girl she has always dreamed of being

But for now she is a terrible monster

For now she is a beast

One day she change, be able to create and prosper

This girl is me


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