What would I Change

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 15:13 -- 1frankz


If I could change something big or small

I would choose to change it all

Nothing can become better without growth

Even change seems out the picture, the most important piece is hope

Hmm... What would I change?


Or Everyone else?

I would change our hearts

The hearts of the world

To diminish the prejudice, and stop the hatred among us

To forgive the very person that so wronged us

To give when we have nothing left

To consume our pride when we are not correct

To put one's feelings and needs before we put our own

To care for the under-priveleged and welcome them into our homes

To aid the sick in their time of need

To listen and learn while taking heed

We must all be on one accord to make this change

The transformation, the aftermath, that will be the true reward that remains

You see together we stand and divided we fall

So lets come together so we all can stand tall

To do the unthinkable, create the unimaginable, accomplish the very thing they said we wouldn't accomplish

Unified no one can stop us, only join us, they have no other choice but to acknowledge

By changing ourselves, our hearts, beliefs, and perceptions

The very things we thought to be inevitable, are now misconceptions

We together, can be the change we wish to see

We can obtain it just as Dr. King jr, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and so many did

We must remember that the smallest change within ourself can be so big







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