Foe or friend


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Foe or friend

I chase no more

Of Cesar’s stag1

For such a pain it’s brought

Its bounds have torn

My heart to rags

Such a deceiving hart2


It looks as if its beauty

is only undone to you

Now I just look back and see

All the deceiving you had to do


With it, such trickery

A blinding ruse I could not see

“The wool pulled over my eyes”

No one more blind than me


Now stripped of that - ungodly cloak

I shall hunt again

But now - with more acknowledgment

To know -

If foe, or friend



References –

1.) “Cesar’s stag” a deer that under the rule of Cesar, the ruler of Rome, was kept as a prized possession and was forbidden to be hunted or obtained.

 2.) “Hart” a less common name for a male deer.


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