It's a pain. A sprain to nurse. You just won't let up. You are a reflection of "us" and apparently "us" just don't give a fuck.....


You damn clowns. Go on back up under the big top where you was found.

Went to clown school cause it was easy and you didn't want better.
I live your entire life as a joke. When do we take you seriously??

Probably NEVER.

Look, I'll start a the feet and I'll work my way up.
And I'm hoping and praying
That after I get through saying what I'm saying

You'll give all this clowning shit up.

Or is it too bright from all the colors?
A walking highlighter at the feet booooyyy you must have one ashamed mother.

You spent two weeks worth of work on shoes that's been re-released
seventeen times since your birth.
Is That Your Worth?

Take a look at your clothes my brothers and sisters cause last time I checked it took MORE than a label to attract a Missus Or Mister.

I mean......can I even call you my sister??

Heffer PLEASE!
Cause I can bet that everything on you is either
or most likely Chinese.

I mean, you ladies peruse the mall for your little Beetlejuice suit.....but before you leave, find matching press-on nails and boots. Meanwhile you got hungry kids at home but mad at me when I speak.

Did I say something wrong?

I didn't forget you boys and I do mean BOYS because it's not fair to MEN to call you anything more.

Ima need y'all to stop following your ring leader...

Stop wearing women's jeans with a wife beater...

And please, oh PLEASE stop showing me your underwear.
I do not wanna see that shit.

But that's OK, it's alright. I'm just gone start walking around with a big ass broomstick......


Even y'all music got y'all confused. Listening to these quacked out, cracked out, dread-head dudes.

Cause 'yal ain neva soba'.
Taking drugs that make you sweat?
Life ain't just the cars, clothes and hoes.

Am I making sense to you yet???

Bands will NOT make her dance.
I know you don't have any 'cri-nack'
You don't own anything all gold.
My dude, stop being so "win-ack'

Your music is your oppressor and one song makes this all very clear.
Everybody talking about 'started from the bottom".....but my people....

We're all still here

So stop...
Take a look around

Because I'm sure this world would be better off without ALL.....THESE.....DAMN.....CLOWNS.


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