The Un-Killable Crops

When given the choice

Of what I would change

I say go big

Or go home


I would change 

The way life works

and even make God

Scratch his head


Imagine a world

Where poverty isn't an issue

Even for

The periphery


Think of life 

Where every state is satisfied

Where hunger

Simply did not exist


So now you're probably wondering

What would I change?

What is my point?

Where are you going with this?


I would change

The structure of plants

The plants that give us food

Food we need to live


I'd make crops


So that everyone

Can be hunger-free


Even in the dryest desert

The coldest ice block

The rockiest terrain

My plants would grow


Every poor country

Would be given 

The opportunity

To prosper


I want food to be available

To every last human

In this greedy and gluttonous world

We live in


Food grows  for everyone

Simply invincible











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