The Woman's Mirror


Marine Military Academy
United States

Her shadow was so bright that I could not see.

I hoped for a new change of time, or woman to see.

My wish was bare and I gained nothing more,

But sorrow, pain, and hardship tis evermore.


I know not of thee and what you have done,

But it is inevitable to see the tears of my love.

As time past I come to sorrow in the marrow of eternity.

The mirror glass cold with fear, and lies of us.


We must go to the edge of time to recover the lost,

But not forget in our journey that there is no recovery.

What’s done is done, and what is to come is unforeseen,

But there is one who knows and truly can see.


He Knows why the glass has chosen to shatter on me,

And why she yearns to be with the man other than me.

So much to me that her life was taken so soon,

                                    The true sorrow was the self inflicted wound, the woman.

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