Society vs. Me

When will it be

Acceptable to simply be

Without society expecting so much of me?


Get good grades

Do community service

Be in extra curricular activities

When will society let me just be me?


As the years pass, the expectations change.

You are a woman; you must be an amazing chef every day

You are a man; you must yearn for football Mondays

When will society just let me be me?


Continue to grow but society will not let you show

Woman are judged for doing one thing

When a man goes out and does it and it is okay

When will society just let me be me?


In old age, the shadow of society does not fade

Woman must marry bare children

Where a man must be successful

When will society just let me be?


Young or old

Man or woman

We will never be free from society

If society won’t let me be, then I will defy it and be me


I will be a horrible chef

And love football

And not have children

And be successful without a man

Because all I have to say is screw society!

It is society vs. me



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