Inner Loveliness

As she looked into the mirror,

All of her "imperfections" seemed clearer.

She flet fat, ugly, and worthless.

The criticizing voice in her head was relentless.


"You are big, awkward, and abd unloveable," it deceived,

And her insecure heart could not help but believe

This insideous lie that has plagued all womankind

And she fell into the trap of insecurity, so infamously designed.


"I will never be beautiful or worthwhile," she sighed

As she reached for her makeup to attempt to hide

The lovely human she was meant to be

For this worlds superficial sense of beauty.


Now imagine something different, more optimistic and bright.

A confident girl wakes up and turns on her light

And tosses her  "Seventeen" magazines aside.

"I"m beautiful anyways," she decides.


This is the change I want to arrive.

I want every woman's sense of beauty to be revised.

I long for them to know that beauty is not a number on a scale;

It is in a kind and courageous heart, which will never fail.


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